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Explore US silver dollar coin collections

Looking for the best place to buy silver coins? We have a vast collection of American silver coins, making our store the ideal destination for coin enthusiasts. From the Morgan Dollar to American Eagle, we offer our buyers a treasure trove of craftsmanship with each coin. Get to know some of these collectible silver coins and let us help you pick out the ones you’d love to see grace your collection.

The American Silver Eagle

Considered the modern American coinage, the American Silver Eagle boasts stunning aesthetics. Minted by the United States Mint, it features the iconic "Walking Liberty" design on the obverse, a figure symbolizing freedom. The reverse design displays a majestic eagle preparing to land.

You can find and buy American Silver Eagle coins on our platform periodically, adding a touch of modern beauty to your collection.

Morgan Silver Dollar

Another remarkable American silver coin to add to your collection is theMorgan Dollar. Named after its designer, George T. Morgan, this coin was first instituted in 1878 and remained in production until 1904.

Peace Silver Dollar

When you explore CSN Mint, do look out for the Peace Silver Dollar. This coin was in production in the 1920s and 30s and was renewed by the Mint in 2021. The coin’s design was chosen through a competition, and the winner was the youngest participant – and a novice designer at that!

Barber Silver Dollar

Barber coins were designed by Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber, including the Barber dime, quarter, and half dollars. All share a unifying obverse design with Lady Liberty in the right profile. The reverse side of the dime shows its denomination; however, in the quarter and half dollar coins, the reverse shows an eagle clutching arrows and a branch.

Seated Liberty Silver Dollar

This is one of the rare silver coins you may be interested in collecting. It was designed by Christian Go Brecht. The coin is named Seated Liberty since the obverse depicts a seated Lady Liberty. The reverse bears an eagle seated on a branch, holding arrows.

Obverse and Reverse designs of US silver coins

When considering the most valuable silver coins, one factor may be the designs on their obverse and reverse - commonly known as “heads and tails”. The term obverse was first used in the 17th century. It is a more correct term than “heads”, as not all coins depict the head of an emperor; some coins might also have heads embossed on both sides.

For example, if you buy American eagle silver coins, you will notice that the obverse has no portrait. It is instead embossed with Lady Liberty and the rising sun. The reverse side shows the United States’ Heraldic Eagle along with the denomination of one dollar.

The collectible value of US Silver Dollar Coins

Whether it’s American Eagle, Morgan Peace or Walking Liberty, US silver dollars are highly collectible. These coins come with the advantages of historical significance, limited mintages, appealing designs and intrinsic value, because of which they are of numismatic interest.

US silver dollar coins are rich in history and hold significant value for coin collectors; some, such as the Flowing Dollar silver coin, date back to the late 18th century.

Scarcity also plays a crucial role. The 1895-P Morgan silver dollar exemplifies how limited mintage can propel a coin's value. In pristine condition, these rarities can fetch tens of thousands of dollars.

You can find some of these silver coins for sale on our website.

How to identify if a coin is silver?

If you buy silver coins online, you should always check if they’re genuine. We share three quick and easy methods to test your coins at home.

First is the “Magnet Test” for which you’ll need a powerful magnet. Bring your silver coin close to the magnet. Remember, silver is diamagnetic in nature - it won’t stick to the magnet at all. If yours is a real silver coin, it won’t move or even be inclined toward the magnet.

The second test is the “Ping Test”. Place your coin on the tip of your finger and take any item - a key, another coin or really anything metallic. Strike your coin with the metal object and listen to the sound. In pure silver coins, the sound has a very distinct ringing sound. You will hear a high-pitched tone which will remain in the air for quite a while. In fake coins, however, the sound is muffled and doesn’t last long.

You can also check the authenticity of your silver dollars through the Ice Cube Test. Put your coin on a flat surface and grab an ice cube. Just put the ice cube on your silver coin and watch how quickly the ice melts. Due to its high conductivity, you can expect ice to melt more quickly on a silver surface than when you put it on a non-silver item. So, if the ice melts within seconds, it’s a real silver coin.

Explore our curated collection of silver bullion where each piece shows history and craftsmanship. Purchase with confidence from a reputable partner like CSN Mint.

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