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silver coins are the oldest coinage to be used as they were found to be easily transportable, durable and divisible into smaller units. they do not lose their value when melted and can be shaped into bars or coins easily. this lustrous metal was irresistible to the ancient greeks who found silver in abundance in athens and minted them into coins called the drachma. much later the saxons in britain minted silver coins called the sterling. when the ‘new world’ was discovered by the spanish, new places abundant in silver were discovered. it kept spain ahead in the silver race for nearly 300 years.

after the united states of america was formed, the u.s. mint released silver coins with the denominations of half dime, dime, quarter and dollar. after the gold rush that pulled all kinds of men and nationalities to the west, the comstock lode was discovered in 1859. this spurred the creation of the carson city mint in carson city, nevada that released many coins including the popular silver morgan dollars. the modern u.s. mint now releases coins for collectors, for legal tender and for investment called the bullion. the bullion coins can also be used as legal tender.

silver bullion

silver bullion is silver in the form of coins, bars, and ingots. the u.s. mint releases the american eagle and the america the beautiful quarters as the country’s silver bullion. the american eagle is also available as gold, palladium and platinum bullion. the bullion coins are priced based on the market price of the metal.