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the bland-allison act of 1878 decreed that the u.s. treasury should buy a prescribed amount of silver every month from western miners and produce silver coins. the morgan silver dollar was a result of this surplus amount of silver bought by the u.s. treasury. billions of morgan silver dollars were minted in philadelphia, san francisco(s), new orleans(o), carson city(cc) and denver(d) mints between 1878 and 1904 and then again in 1921.

designed by george t. morgan, the morgan dollar is considered his masterpiece. morgan was radical in his approach towards designing coins. he selected miss anna willess williams as the model for designing the liberty’s head instead of the accepted norm of using mythical greek-style figures. the obverse design has the lady liberty wearing a phrygian cap surrounded by 13 stars and the line e pluribus unum. for the reverse design, morgan studied the nature of the bald eagle and created a design of an eagle clasping arrows and an olive branch.

@csn we have a collection of morgan silver dollars ranging from the 1800’s to 1921 from the different mints.